Association for the Preservation of the Church of Pinnow/Vorpommern, Germany

The organ of the Village-Church

In summer 2007 the organ of our villagechurch underwent a careful examination by Mike Zuber, organ-builder from Mixdorf. He finally could attach to the instrument in our church its constructive history:
Orgel der Dorfkirche Pinnow Hinteransicht und Orgelpfeiffen der Orgel der Dorfkirche Pinnow

The organ was manufactured by Barnim Grüneberg, Stettin in 1868 (opus 105). It is an instrument of romanticism with the following disposition:
I. Manual C – d’’’’ Main Works II. Pedal C – c’
- Bordun 16’ suspended pedal (Bordun 16’)
- Principal 8’
- Gambe 8’
- Rohrflöte 8’
- Floete travers 8’
- Flöte 4’
- Octave 4’
- Octave 2’

Orgel der Dorfkirche Pinnow Karl Barnim Theodor Grüneberg (1828 – 1907) a descendant of a well-known family of organ-builders established since 1782 in Stettin/Szczeczin. In his organworkshop the greatest mechanical tracture organ of the world was built in 1885 for the church of Libau/Liepaja, Latvia: more than 131 records on 4 manuals and pedal and more than 7000 pipes. You can find organs of the Grüneberg organworkshop (continued since 1905 by his sons Felix und Georg ) at Altentreptow, Bargischow, Demmin, Gützkow, Jarmen, Neustrelitz, Stralsund.