Association for the Preservation of the Church of Pinnow/Vorpommern, Germany

Discovering the Church of Pinnow

Dorfkirche Pinnow Ostgiebel und Nordwand Opposite the splendid former parsonage a wooden gate opens to the churchyard.

The visitor then passes along the weather-worn bricked churchwall (the majority of the bricks in the historic „Klosterformat“ - abbey-sized- bricks appr. 28 x 15 x 9 cm up to 30 x 14 x 10 cm ) to the western gable.
Through the coloured portal of a pointed arch he enters the bright interior of the little church.

Kirchentür am Westgiebel
Portal of the western gable -socalled „Zopfstil“ -(1760-1790)

The view opens to a simple altar and its altar-piece with a scene of the last supper, just in front of the eastern window. Then a pulpit with paintings of 3 evangelists in a rather rustic manner, a wonderfully carved stand for the baptismal font and the gallery for the family of the former lord of the manor at the southern wall catch one’s eyes.
Interior: Gallery at the southern wall carved stand with baptismal font
Interior: Gallery at the southern wall carved stand with baptismal font

The altartable dates from 1602.

Until the late 1950ies a vertical construction connected altar (consecrated 14th august 1859) and pulpit (about 17th century) and at that time existed 2 galleries (built about 1800): on the left wall (to the north) for the familiy of the manor of Pinnow and at the right (to the south) for the family of the manor of Lentschow. In former times two doors (one in the southern and one in the northern wall) made it possible to get into the church to the galleries.

The pulpit-altar-construction galleries on both sides - fotographs appr. 1951
The pulpit-altar-construction and galleries on both sides (fotographs ca 1951)